XEPhotography | Welcome to the NEW XEPhotography.com!

Welcome to the NEW XEPhotography.com!

March 12, 2018  •  1 Comment

Welcome to the NEW XEPhotography.com. The took the site down January 1, 2017 due to a decision I made at the time.  Over time, I decided I missed photography and the site.   However, I also enjoy my free time and weekends too!  

What does that mean?  

First off, I have over 10,000 touched up pictures spanning over 10 years of shooting models.  If I never did another shoot again I would have plenty of content to post here.

Second, I do plan on doing NEW shoots and already have.

I just do not plan on shooting every single spare moment and only want to bring you the best models and the best photography as I can do.

I have already posted a lot so far.  Did you know you you can order prints, posters, calendars, keychains, you name it.   Did you know you can download all of the pics direct to your computer in High Rez?  Yep!

HOW?  Just create a user here, find the pic or pics that you like and click BUY.  You will be presented with all kinds of buying options.

What happened to the "Members only section?"  

Well that went away with the old site.  Instead, I decided to just post any topless/nude content on the public site which you can view in low rez or buy as I laid out above.  What about the "other" pics that were in the members only section?  Well I have those still and can offer you a package if you wanted those from the past.  I do not know if those kinds of pics will be done in the future... it will depend on the model and the model's needs.

Do you charge for your photography?  Yes and No... again it depends on the project.  If I feel I and the model feel we can profit by shooting for trade, then no.  

How much?  it will depend on the project.


Well that is it for now.  Feel free to contact me about anything and let me know what you think of my work and the site!



Marlon lizarraga
Love ur site I was one of those members only was bummed when u closed ur site but over all like I said looking forward to buying more of rachelle pictures she’s gorgeous thank u again
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